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Predatory Sexual Offender Information

Predatory Sexual Offender Information


The Osseo Police Department follows Minnesota notification procedures when a sex offender is going to be released from prison and moving into an Osseo neighborhood. Prior to release from prison, the offender is assigned a risk level assessment based on how likely that offender may re-offend.

Level 1 Offender: Notification to police departments, victims and witnesses.

Level 2 Offender: Notification to police departments, victims, witnesses, schools, daycare programs and similar institutions.

Level 3 Offender: Notification to police departments, victims, witnesses, schools, daycare programs, and neighborhoods. In addition, a community meeting is held to tell neighbors about the offender's whereabouts and give them instructions on behavior to watch for, how to work with the police in observing the individual, and personal safety and crime prevention tips.

Non-Compliant Offenders: The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) in St. Paul maintains the database for all Minnesota Predatory Offenders. All information changes are reported to this location so there is one responsible agency. The BCA utilizes mail correspondence as a tool to ensure residency. If the required paperwork isn't returned within 30 days, the offender file status is changed to non-compliant. A new Minnesota law as of 2006 allows for the name of any offender with a non-compliant status to become public information.

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Officer Kintzi is responsible for Community Notifications of Predatory Offenders in the City of Osseo. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Officer Kintzi by email or by phone at 763.424.5444.