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Utility Billing

Utility Billing

 To Begin or End Service visit 'I want to . . . Start/Stop Utility Service', or just click this link.

The City of Osseo accepts Online Payments through Swyftpay's CardX Intelligent Rate processing system. Visit our online webstore to pay your utility bills today.

Click This Link to Conveniently Pay City Utility Bills Pay Online Today

To best serve the people of Osseo, we have partnered with Swyftpay to bring you a convenient and intuitive payment platform to accept payments online, anytime.

Instead of charging a flat rate, Swyftpay uses an intelligent rate processing system to set a credit card service fee which corresponds with the cost of accepting the card you choose. Just enter your card information and Swyftpay will tell you what your fee is, and if there are opportunities to reduce the fee. This streamlines payments and eliminates the need to add the cost of credit card fee payments into the city budget.

To pay a utility bill, select 'Utilities Payments' from the dropdown menu.

As an added benefit, the city can now accept American Express in addition to Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the city at 763-425-2624, or cityhall@ci.osseo.mn.us.


Water and sanitary sewer fees in our community pay operating, maintenance and capital costs of these City owned services. Water and sewer utilities are not operated for profit, and the fees only produce enough money to meet costs. 

A storm water utility fee finances the administration, planning, implementation, and maintenance of storm water management programs.

Utility billing rates are currently based on three month or quarterly periods. Utility bills will arrive in January, April, July and October. Current rates can be found on the 2023 fee schedule

City Accountant Shelly Cisewski handles all utility billing inquiries and questions. Contact her by email or by phone at 763.424.6752.