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Utility Billing

Utility Billing

In resonse to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Osseo City Council has waived late fees for 1st & 2nd Quarter 2020 utility bills. (These bills will be received by residents in April and July 2020.) 

Please note that the utility charges themselves still must be paid as account holders are able to pay them; only the late fees have been waived.
The City of Osseo accepts Online Payments through RevTrak. Visit our online webstore to pay your utility bills today.
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Water and sanitary sewer fees in our community pay operating, maintenance and capital costs of these City owned services. Water and sewer utilities are not operated for profit, and the fees only produce enough money to meet costs. 

Utility billing rates are currently based on three month or quarterly periods. The sewer charge is based on winter quarter (January, February, March) water usage. A storm water utility fee finances the administration, planning, implementation, and maintenance of storm water management programs.

Utility bills will arrive in January, April, July and October. City Accountant April Weller handles all utility billing inquiries and questions. Contact April Weller by email or by phone at 763.424.6752.