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With more than 50 percent of Minnesota experiencing severe drought and some areas experiencing extreme drought, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has determined that the state is now in the drought warning phase. With this designation, the DNR is taking steps to activate the State Drought Plan. That plan requires public water suppliers to implement emergency preparedness procedures which restrict certain uses of water considered nonessential.

In response to the DNR actions, the City of Maple Grove is imposing restrictions on the use of water for the purpose of irrigation, effective immediately. The City of Osseo is served with water from the City of Maple Grove, and thus, Osseo will also impose watering restrictions.

Osseo prohibits outdoor lawn watering from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all days. At other times, water customers must follow an odd-even schedule when sprinkling lawns. Homeowners and businesses with addresses ending in an odd number may water on odd numbered calendar days. Those with addresses ending in an even number, may water on even numbered days. The restrictions apply to all city water customers and will be effective until further notice.

Automatic irrigation systems should be adjusted accordingly. State law also requires that all new irrigation systems be installed with rain sensors, so the system shuts off when it is raining. Residents are urged to reduce water usage such as vehicle washing and other nonessential purposes.

Water Meter Project 2021

Improvements are coming!

We're excited to announce that the city is contracting with Ferguson Waterworks, a leader in the water meter industry, to conduct a city-wide water meter replacement beginning in April.

Residents will be REQUIRED to get their water meter replaced. This project is funded through water user rates so you will not receive an additional charge for this work.

Residents will soon receive a notice in the mail that directs them to call or go online to schedule their install appointment. (Please wait until you receive your notice before trying to make an appointment.) 

The install should take 30-45 minutes and will be done by a qualified Ferguson team. They will arrive in marked vehicles, wear uniforms and ID badges, and wear proper COVID-19 protective gear. We ask that residents wear a mask while the installer is in their home and observe social distancing standards. 

Residents should clear a 5-7 foot area around their water meter for easy access. These water meters are much more efficient and accurate on reads, saving Osseo money. Residents will be REQUIRED to get their water meter replaced. We thank you for your cooperation. 




Osseo Offering FREE Fitness Classes - Contact City Hall, 763-425-2624 for updates. Community Center hosts free fitness classes aimed at anyone 12 years of age and older and geared towards active adults. The classes are held in the Community Center. No pre-registration is required. Simply show up in comfortable clothes and bring water!

 Soothe your mind while gently working your body to tone your muscles and improve flexibility during this one hour yoga session. Sessions are held every Monday from 4:30pm - 5:30pm. Please bring a beach towel or a yoga mat, and water. The session is instructed by Laurie Wolfe, Yoga Alliance RYT-200. 

SENIOR STRENGTH CHAIR! A seated chair (optional) workout featuring non-cardio workout with optional hand weights and strength training for a fun, low impact workout set to music. Sessions are held every Monday and Thursday from 11:00am - 11:45am. This session is instructed by Missy Kloster.


Osseo Can Enjoy Maple Grove Community Center at Resident Rates -

Swim at the Grove Cove Aquatic Center pools, play with your kids at the Indoor Playground, shoot some hoops in the Gymnasium, or put on some skates for gliding around the Ice Arena at the Maple Grove Community Center (MGCC).  Osseo and Maple Grove councils worked together to provide reduced rates so Osseo residents have two great ways to save money while taking advantage of the recreational opportunities offered at MGCC.  

One option is a reduced rate on a single or family annual membership.  Both All Building and Pool memberships are available.  The discount is available by signing up for the membership and to pay in full at Osseo City Hall. The discounted Osseo rates are listed below. 


All Building











Another money-saving option for Osseo residents is to purchase ten-count coupon books at Osseo City Hall.  Each coupon is redeemable for one daily admission to the specific area.  You may also purchase a single coupon for one admission for any age.  The coupon books are a great value and the best part is ‑- they never expire! 


Coupon Book (10 count)

Single Coupon

Non-Resident Single Rate

All Building








Open Skating



$6 weekend; $3 weekday

Indoor Playground








Hours of operation vary by area.  Monthly schedules and rules for the pool, ice arena and gym are available under each recreational area at www.maplegrovecommunitycenter.org.

Purchase memberships or coupons at Osseo City Hall. To find more information, pick up a flyer at City Hall or visit the Maple Grove Community Center website www.maplegrovecommunitycenter.org for specific details on what is included in each type of membership, the terms and conditions, cancellation fees and other pertinent information.  Maple Grove Community Center is located at 12951 Weaver Lake Road.    

Osseo High School Sports Updates
 - Curious about an upcoming Osseo High School sporting event or other information? Log on to osseo-orioles.com and learn about all the upcoming sporting events, updates on the high school teams, player profiles, coaches and much more! GO ORIOLES!