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Administrative Services

Administrative Services

The Administration Department links all other operating departments and all city staff with the City Council. The City Administrator is responsible for implementing City Council policies. The City Administrator and other members of the department prepare City Council and EDA agendas and official minutes and keep the Council informed on issues that affect the City. Administration is also responsible for the coordination of elections, licensing, city newsletter, permits, and special assessments.

Riley Grams, City Administrator

Riley Grams serves Osseo as the City Administrator. Contact Riley Grams by email or by phone at 763-425-3861.

Katrina Jones, City Clerk

Katrina Jones serves Osseo as the City Clerk. Contact Katrina Jones by email or by phone at 763-425-4064.

Shelly Cisewski, City Accountant

Shelly Cisewski serves Osseo as the City Accountant. Contact Shelly by email or by phone at 763-424-6752.

Joe Amerman, Community Management Coordinator

Joe serves Osseo as the Community Management Coordinator. Contact him by email or by phone at 763-425-1454.

Karen Broden, Administrative Assistant

Karen Broden serves Osseo as the Administrative Assistant. Contact Karen by email or by phone at 763-425-2624, extension 101.