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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Osseo Emergency Preparedness Siren Warning System

Emergency_Prep.jpgThe Osseo Police Department is responsible for the Emergency Management Program in our community. This program is designed to alert residents to any natural or man-made disaster that might occur. If you have questions regarding the Emergency Preparedness Program and/or Outdoor Siren Warning System, please call the Osseo Police Department at 763.424.5444.

An outdoor siren warning device has been installed in Osseo to warn of impending dangers. Our warning sirens are connected to the Metro Warning System, which allows the sirens to be set off by either the State of Minnesota warning point or the Hennepin County warning point in Golden Valley. The sirens are operated by a radio tone device, that allows flexibility in setting them off for certain regions of the county, certain municipalities within the county, or even a specific siren within any municipality.

The sirens are tested on the first Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. by sounding a one minute alert warning, and another full minute of the attack warning signal. Audible testing will cease from December through February due to possible damage to sirens during testing.

Alert or Attention Signal

This is a five-minute steady tone. This will be used to alert residents of any impending or actual natural disaster, such as a tornado or a hazardous waste spill.

Attack Warning Signal

This is a five-minute wavering tone. The purpose of this signal is to warn that a nuclear attack against the country is underway, and that lifesaving action should be taken immediately. A siren warning system device is located at 232 2nd Street NE.

Sheltering and Facility Emergency Planning

Any business or commercial business is encouraged to contact the City of Osseo Management Coordinator to receive assistance with the creation of Facility Emergency Plans which include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Evacuation Procedures

- Haz Mat Planning

- Bomb Threats

- Tornado Sheltering

Here are some other important emergency preparedness websites:

Minnesota Department of Homeland Security

Federal Emergency Management Administration (F.E.M.A.)

Code Ready Program