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Job/Volunteer Opportunity - Police Reserve Officers

The Osseo Police Department is currently accepting applications for Reserve Officers to assist with a variety of tasks such as traffic control, crowd control, assistance at accident scenes, fires, natural disasters, general patrol duties and assisting licensed Police Officers as needed.

New Reserve Officers attend the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office reserve school and will complete a mandatory in-house field training program so as to familiarize themselves with the equipment, geography and procedures of the Osseo Police Department. Other training includes defensive tactics, firearms, TASER, personal chemical spray and more.

The Reserve Officer program is a great way for citizens to give back to their community, find out how law enforcement works and create leadership and teamwork skills for day to day life.

To be eligible, applications must meet the following:

- 18 years of age or older

- Have a high school diploma or equivalent

- Valid Minnesota drivers license and with a good driving record

- Able to pass a background investigation

- You do not have to be a citizen of the City of Osseo to be eligible/apply for this position.

For a complete job description and application click HERE. These materials can also be picked up at the Osseo Police Department (415 Central Ave. Osseo, MN 55369) or by calling (763) 424-5444.

Completed applications are to be submitted to the Osseo Police Department. Applications sent via mail are to be addressed to:

Osseo Police Department
Attention: Reserve Coordinator
415 Central Ave.
Osseo, MN 55369

Applications can also be sent via e-mail to: tmortinson@ci.osseo.mn.us



Washington D.C. - Police Week

Marshal James L. Gardner

On October 27th, 1916, Osseo Town Marshal James L. Gardner was shot and killed while responding to a domestic
disturbance between a woman and her broth-er in-law. On November 1st, 1916, Marshal Gardner succumbed to his wounds at the Swedish Hospital in Minneapolis and was buried at the Oak Leaf Cemetery in East Bethel, Minnesota.

After researching and learning more about the incident that claimed Marshal Gardner’s life, the Osseo Police Department petitioned the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington D.C. to have Marshal Gardner’s name placed on the memorial wall. The memorial wall has the names of the men and women who have died in the line of duty, engraved into the stone wall. In February of 2017, the Osseo Police Department learned that Marshal Gardner’s name would be put on the wall.

Traditionally, the family of officers who are killed in the line of duty are invited to attend the candlelight vigil and other activities being held during Police Week in Washington D.C. However, there are no known direct relatives to Marshal Gardner. The Osseo Police Department traveled Washington D.C. to honor him and stand in as his family.

The airfare, hotel and travel expenses were paid for by donations from the Os-seo American Legion, Osseo Lions, Osseo Fire Relief Association, Duffy’s bar and the Osseo Meat Market. The four full time officers and administrative assis-tant left on May 12th to Washington D.C. and returned on Monday, May 15th with a renewed sense of belonging to a profession that truly does admirable work.

This department was able to pay respect to a Marshall that gave his life in de-fense of this city. We are grateful to have the opportunity to experience some-thing that we all hope will never happen again. We would like to thank the City of Osseo, Osseo City Council and all the donators that helped us in our quest. We have attached a couple of pictures taken during our time in Washington DC.


Medicine Disposal Drop Box

The Osseo Police Department recently obtained a medication drop box in colaboration with the Hennepin County Sheriffs Office and Partnership for Change.

The purpose of this program is for the proper disposal of unused or old medications. The storing of these unused medicaitons inside the home pose safety and health risks, esspecially among children and teens. The proper disposal of unused medicines is important as it prevents abuse, which has become a major problem among tee...nagers.

Another reason is to protect our environment. Medicines that are not disposed of properly, such as flushing down the toilet or placing in the garbage, can contaminate drinking water, get into our rivers and lakes, and even harm local wildlife.

If you have any old or unsued medications, please bring them in and place them into this green box. Once inside, the Osseo Police Department and Hennepin County Sheriffs Office will dispose of the medications at a safe/designated disposal site.

The following types of medications are accepted:
- Prescription medications, including controlled substances
- Over-the-Counter medicines
- Vitamins and Supplements
- Pet medicines

The following are not accepted:
- No needles, sharps or syringes
- No medicines from businesses

If you have any questions about this program, please contact the Osseo Police Department at (763) 424-5444. You can also visit www.hennepin.us/medicine or call (612) 348-3777. You can also check out the flyer HERE.