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Senior Bingo - Sorry! all activities are on hold until further notice

With strict safety measures in place, seniors were allowed to play BINGO on Tuesdays, at 1 pm inside the Community Center, as long as CDC and Minnesota Department of Heath guidelines allowed.

Seniors’ safety is the absolute, #1 priority

The following guidelines must be followed:

  • NEW!!! - A reservation to play Bingo each week is now required – please call Ann Schneider, Osseo Senior Center Coordinator, at (763) 587-1202 by 5:00pm Monday to reserve your spot for that Tuesday’s Bingo play
  • All Bingo players must sign in upon arrival and provide a current phone number each week
  • A mask must always be worn when inside the Community Center
  • The Community Center will be restricted to 30 people, with 2 people per table
  • $1 buy-in to play two Bingo cards – no cash prizes will be awarded, but individual game winners will be tracked for cumulative prizes. For example, ten individual wins will earn a prize; we will continue to have the last game/blackout prize winner 
  • Weekly Bingo play will remain contingent on local COVID-19 positivity and case rates 


Why is Bingo temporarily moving from Thursday to Tuesday?

  • We are temporarily moving Bingo from Thursday to Tuesday to reduce the transmission risk to our Bingo group of any residual aerosol/respiration from the Jazzercise class that meets in the Community Center at 11:00am on Thursdays.

Will the Community Center be disinfected before Bingo? What other indoor safety protocols will be in place?

  • Tables, chairs, and common touch points will be cleaned using Suprox-D (a hospital grade antibacterial and antiviral disinfectant) before and after Bingo play. Hand sanitizer is available and encouraged. Interior doors to Community Center will remain open to promote increased air circulation. Contact-less forehead temperature scans may be required as we enter cold/flu season.  

Can I bring homemade treats to share with the group?

  • Shareable homemade treats are not allowed at this time. You may bring a snack/beverage for yourself if you like and bottled water and packaged snacks will be available.

Why do I need sign in with my phone number each week?

  • If somebody in the Bingo group should come down with COVID-19, this listing will be necessary for contact tracing to quickly alert persons who may have come in contact with the infected person.

Why do I need to call to reserve a spot for Bingo when I have never had to do this before?

  • CDC and MN Dept of Health guidelines recommend a maximum of 30 socially distanced people in a space the size of the Osseo Community Center; we will need to limit the number of Bingo players each week.

When will we resume the normal Bingo & 500/card games play?

  • Every one of us wishes COVID-19 would just ‘go away’ and that we could just resume social activities in the way we used to. The reality of this pandemic, however, is that we will likely have to deal with it and its related disruptions and safety precautions for quite a while. Your safety and wellness is the number one priority here! We will be closely monitoring local COVID-19 case numbers and listening to CDC and MDH recommendations to determine when we can return to normal play.

What happens if one of us tests positive for COVID-19?

  • If anyone in the group becomes ill/tests positive for COVID-19, please notify, or have someone in your family notify Ann Schneider, Senior Center Coordinator at (763) 587-1202 as soon as possible. Please DO NOT come to Bingo if you are feeling ill or if you have been in contact (within the past 14 days) with someone who has tested positive for or is suspected to have COVID-19.