Creating Healthier Communities: Osseo

Osseo is pleased to be working with Hennepin County's Public Health and Public Works department on a "Healthier Osseo" project in 2018. This work focuses on increasing opportunities for active living, improving access to healthy food, and reducing exposure to tobacco products.

Healthy Generations: Age-Friendly Osseo

The HGAFO project focuses on encouraging development of amenities and facilities in a manner that benefits everyone in Osseo. The project also explores designating Osseo as an “Age-Friendly Community”.

What is an “Age-Friendly Community”? The AARP says it best: “Well-designed, livable communities that promote health and sustain economic growth…making for happier, healthier residents — of all ages.”

Anyone interested in contributing towards the project may be interested in joining the Community Leadership Team (CLT) that is being created for this work. The CLT will help generate feedback and provide guidance through the planning project. Contact Public Health/Planning Intern Kyler McLachlan at 763-425-1454 or 

Looking for Healthly Living assets in the Osseo area? Visit the interactive online map at for the locations of existing resources and opportunities for physical activity, healthy and affordable foods, and smoke-free environments.


Active Living Hennepin County’s  funding and support initiative recognizes that cities play a unique role in influencing the health of their residents. This initiative will help Osseo improve its residents' health by increasing access to active living and healthy food and reducing exposure to tobacco. Funds will support initiatives that create changes in policies, systems or environments to make the healthy choice the easy choice, and will help cities to weave health into their comprehensive plan. Community engagement is a priority of this project, and funding and technical assistance will be available to involve members of the community to shape the project and its outcomes.


Project Information

Information about the Creating Healthier Communities Project is shared online in a Google Drive database. Anyone can view the files by following the link to