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Streets & Sidewalks

Streets & Sidewalks


City streets allow residents and visitors safe and easy routes of travel around the City. Streets are maintained throughout the year by the Public Works Department.

Street Lights

To report a street light that is out or blinking, call City Hall, 763-425-2624, ext. 101, or email with the exact location of the problem light, and include a house/street address and the nearest intersection. Please include whether the street light is out or blinking. If you choose, you may also contact Xcel Energy's Outdoor Lighting Outages at 1-800-960-6235 directly or at their website to Report an Outdoor Lighting Outage online.



 2022 Alley Reconstruction Project

Construction began the week of June 20th with plans to be completed in the fall. Newsletter 1 outlined steps for the first phase and Newsletter 2 outlines the second phase.





Special Assessment Policy

Osseo's Special Assessment Policy sets out how the costs of improvements will be shared between the City and property owners. 

Three basic criteria must be satisfied before a particular parcel can be assessed. They are:

  1. The land must have received Special Benefit from the improvement.
  2. The amount of the assessment must not exceed the Special Benefit.
  3. The assessment must be uniform in relation to the same class of property within the assessment area.
Once the criteria are met, the Policy describes how costs are allocated. You can review the policy here.

The City of Osseo's Special Assessment Policy was initially adopted July 25, 2011, and was revised January 9, 2017 and March 11, 2019.

Future projects

Do you want more future street project information? A map showing proposed future plans can be viewed here. Stay tuned for construction bulletins and updates.


Complete Streets Policy

Safety and efficiency of our street network is a key concern in Osseo.  Streets, sidewalks, boulevards, and other right-of-way components affect quality of life. In light of these factors, the City adopted a Complete Streets Policy in August of 2017. You can review the policy here.

Complete Streets policies are ‘high level’ directional policies. They are intended to produce long-term results. Results come through incremental changes in routine decision-making processes regarding streets. The policy does NOT require:

  • immediate changes to roads;
  • accommodations for all transportation modes on all streets;
  • “no exceptions” to incorporating Complete Streets elements in a project; or
  • one specific design for all future street projects.

Sidewalk Inspection & Maintenance Policy

On September 12, 2016, the City Council approved a Sidewalk Inspection & Maintenance Policy.  The policy provides standard specifications for sidewalk construction in residential areas. It also sets a timeline for regularly inspecting and repairing residential sidewalks. In periods between inspections, Public Works staff are allowed to make patches with asphalt or other durable materials. Residents who want to do work on their own sidewalks must apply for a Permit for work in the City Right of Way.


2016-2017 Residential Sidewalk Repairs

The City completed repairs during the summer of the 2017. 

Due to lower-than-expected costs, the City has been able to fund the entire project with federal Community Development Block Grant funds and an additional contribution from the State of Minnesota’s Small Cities Assistance Program. Under these special circumstances, there will be no property owner contribution required for the 2017 Sidewalk Repairs.

We thank you for your patience during this project, and hope that everyone in the community will be able to enjoy the new sidewalks.

If you have questions about the city’s sidewalk repair program, please visit the city's blog post about sidewalks.