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Storm Water

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Storm sewer utility rates are based on Residential Equivalency Factors (REF). This is part of your quarterly utility bill from the City of Osseo. One REF represents the amount of runoff from a typical single family residential property, and single family properties less than 0.5 acres in size are assigned one REF. Larger single family properties and more intensively developed property, such as commercial or industrial, generate more runoff. These properties are assigned REFs based on the volume of runoff they generate.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

This Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) has been prepared with the purpose of meeting the requirements of the NPEDS Phase II permit as outlined in the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency general permit and in the most recent modification to the Clean Water Act. The document describes the City's 5-year plan to meet each of the six minimum measures described by the permit.  


Storm Water Managment Plan (SWMP) (April 2015)

Amended per Supplement 2018-1

Executive Summary:
The City of Osseo’s 2015 Storm Water Management Plan (Plan) was prepared, in part, as an update to the
City’s previous Storm Water Management Plan (2008). The intent of this revised Plan is adoption in conjunction with the Shingle Creek and West Mississippi (SCWM) Watershed Management Commission
(WMC) Third Generation Watershed Management Plan and accompanying Rules, as amended, to meet the requirements of the SCWM WMC regulations as well as applicable regulations specific to the State of
Minnesota, Minnesota Statutes 103B and Minnesota Rule 8410, and the Metropolitan Council for local water plans. The City of Osseo (City) will reference the SCWM Watershed Management Plan (2013) requirements herein and will utilize this Plan, Rules, existing and new ordinances as the basis for managing wetlands, surface, storm, flood, and groundwater within the municipal boundary.

The Plan has been prepared with cooperation of Shingle Creek and West Mississippi Watershed staff, the
City of Osseo Staff, and the Osseo City Council to address the concern for the City’s wetlands, surface, storm, flood, and groundwater impacts resulting from continued redevelopment in and adjacent to the
City of Osseo. For matters related to protection, preservation, use, and regulation of surface and groundwater resources, the City of Osseo has designated the Shingle Creek and West Mississippi
Watershed Commissions as the Local Government Unit (LGU) for the Wetland Conservation Act

This Plan addresses various methods of ensuring that continued growth through redevelopment does not adversely affect the City’s natural resources as well as the existing storm sewer and open channel. In addition, this Plan includes a review of the surface water related costs associated with continued development in the City. It identifies a basis and a methodology for storm sewer infrastructure related charges associated with the corresponding development and provides a framework for managing the
City’s natural resources in relation to continued redevelopment. Given this information, the findings and goals of this Plan are summarized as follows:

  • The majority of the existing storm sewer serving the developed portion of the City is adequately sized to accommodate the design storm runoff from the existing service area given current land use data. 
  • The existing natural resources within the City must be preserved while accommodating future redevelopment. 
  • This Plan is a document-in-progress and will be amended as required. As redevelopment occurs within the City, the hydrologic model will be reviewed and modified to account for the differences between the actual and modeled hydrologic conditions. 
  • The goal of this Plan is to provide and compile information relative to the current surface water planning needs, to protect the natural resources within the municipal boundary, and to some extent propose and predict sustainable methods of accommodating continued growth through redevelopment. This Plan will also ensure that future redevelopment is in compliance with the associated Rules, for the management of urban stormwater and protection of natural resources.
Download a PDF of the entire plan: Surface_Water_Management_Plan_-_Osseo.pdf

Amended per Supplement 2018-1
Markup of 2015 plan, showing changes contained in Supplement 2018-1