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Public Works

Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for a wide range of City maintenance management duties. These include the City's public buildings, transportation infrastructure (roads), public spaces (parks), public services (water pipes, sewer pipes, storm water management), the City's fleet maintenance, and snow removal. 

Public Works Director & Staff

Nick Waldbillig serves as the Public Works Director. Contact him by email or by the Public Works Department phone at 763-425-5741. He oversees two Public Works staff members, Josh Lunde and Guy Swenson.

MS4 Annual Report

The MPCA reissued the MS4 General Permit (MNR040000) on November 16, 2020. The City of Osseo submitted a MS4 Reauthorization Application to the MPCA for their review. The MPCA reviewed this application for completeness and determined that it is complete. The 30-day public comment period for the City of Osseo’s SWPPP opened on August 3rd, 2021, and concludes at 4:30 pm on September 3rd, 2021. Please see the link for more information on the City of Osseo’s SWPPP and supporting documentation.

You may also find additional information on the MPCA’s Public Notices webpage by navigating to the City of Osseo’s Intent to Reissue NPDES and SDS MS4 General Permit here: https://www.pca.state.mn.us/public-notices

Submitting written comments

The terms and conditions of the general permit are not open for public comment. The permit application, the eligibility for coverage under the general permit, and the ability to comply with the requirements of the general permit are open for public comment.

To submit comments or petitions to the MPCA through the mail or email, you must state:

(1) Your interest in the permit application or the preliminary determination to issue coverage under a general permit.

(2) The action you wish the MPCA or Permittee to take, including specific references to the application materials you believe should be changed.

(3) The reasons supporting your position, stated with sufficient specificity to allow the MPCA to investigate the merits of the position.

MPCA contact

Rajminder Heck

Municipal Division

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

520 Lafayette Road North

Saint. Paul, Minnesota 55155

Phone: 651-757-2296

Email: raj.heck@state.mn.us

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Local Public Auction Information

The City of Osseo brings all public surplus items to Hiller Auction Service Inc. Anyone wanting to participate in the bidding for all City of Osseo items deemed public surplus and able to be sold at auction by the City Council, may contact Hiller Auction Service Inc. for more information:

Hiller Auction Service Inc.
10785 261st Ave.
Zimmerman, MN 55398
Visit their website, or call 763-856-2453