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Proposed Ordinances and Amendments to City Code

Proposed Ordinances and Amendments to City Code

Under Minnesota state law signed effective in August 2017, cities must provide a 10-day notice of proposed ordinances. The law applies to new proposed ordinances and proposed amendments to existing ordinances.

You can sign up to receive notifications of proposed ordinances and amendments to the City Code at: https://www.discoverosseo.com/email-alert-sign-up

Amendments to Osseo City Code typically undergo two readings at a Council Meeting before being adopted. However, the Council may unanimously choose to waive a second reading. Information about Council Meetings is available at https://www.discoverosseo.com/departments/city-council/meeting-agendas-and-minutes/ 

^Public Hearings for Zoning Code Amendments:

Amendements to the Zoning Code require a Public Hearing. Zoning Code amendments will be reviewed by the Planning Commission before being considered by the City Council.  Any person wishing to express an opinion on the matter to be considered at the public hearing will be heard orally or in writing. For additional information, please call the City of Osseo at 763-425-1454.

*Second Readings may be waived by unanimous agreement of the City Council.

Proposed Ordinances


An ordinance providing access to multi-unit housing structures by United States Census Bureau employees

1st Reading: Planned for March 9, 2020
2nd Reading:
Publication and Effective Date: TBD, The Press
Amendments to Chapter 153: Zoning, made in accordance with the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update

Public Hearing: October 21, 2019
1st Reading: Planned for November 28, 2019
2nd Reading & Adoption:
Publication and Effective Date: TBD, The Press




Recently Approved Ordinances

New ordinances that are not yet included in the online Code of Ordinances

There are no recenently-approved ordinances at this time.