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Block 22 - City of Osseo

Property ID: Block 22 - City of Osseo

32 & 26 2nd Street NW 106 & 124 1st Avenue NW Osseo, Minnesota 55369 United States | Map & Driving Directions
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All 4 available properties are owned by the City of Osseo Economic Development Authority. The property located in the middle of the block (116 2nd Street NW) is privately owned at this time.

Property Info & Amenities:

Currently, the properties exist as municipal parking space. The site is served by municipal water, sanitary sewer, and storm water.

Space Available:

21,500 square feet (0.50 acres) of combined Economic Development Authority space is available. When the privately owned parcel is included, a total of 37,000 square feet (0.85 acres) of space is available.

Building Amenities:

N/A (no buildings on City of Osseo Economic Development Authority properties). There is a building located on the privately owned parcel (116 2nd Street NW).