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Homeowners purchasing a home, who occupy their home at their principle residence, may qualify for the homestead classification. The homestead classification provides homeowners with property tax savings. Click on fact sheet to print this information.

Homestead applications due December 15

Apply online for properties in Hennepin County

Property owners in Hennepin County have until December 15 to complete a homestead application for 2019. Eligible applicants must have moved into their home on or before December 1. 

Homestead applications are filed online with Hennepin County

After moving in to your new home, you can apply for homestead online, anytime and anywhere, via the Hennepin County website. If you qualify, you may receive a market value exclusion, which can reduce your property taxes in the following year.

Qualifying for homestead
• You may qualify for the homestead tax reduction if you own and occupy your home as your primary residence. Some relatives of the owner may qualify if they live in the owner’s house.
• Applications should be filed when you move into a home you own, or a relative owns, by December 1.
• The deadline to submit the application is December 15.

Apply online
• Sign into the Hennepin County online service at www.hennepin.us/homestead, via computer, smart phone, or tablet.
• Complete the homestead application.
• You can track the status of your application.
• To protect private information, this application uses a secure server and applicant registration with email, login and password protection.
• Information will not be shared with outside parties.
• Your application will automatically be sent to the appropriate homestead office.

For more information, and to apply visit www.hennepin.us/homestead.

For assistance please email ao.homestead@hennepin.us or contact them directly at 612-348-3046.

Minnesota property tax laws provide that once the initial Homestead Application is filed and the property is granted the Homestead status, there is no need to refile an annual Homestead Declaration again, as long as the property is owned and occupied by the same party. The property will remain Homestead until the property is sold or no longer qualifies.

State Law also requires that you MUST notify your assessor within 30 days after you sell or change your primary residence. The City of Osseo contracts with Hennepin County for all assessing duties. You can contact the Hennepin County Assessor's Office by going to www.hennepin.us/residents/property/homestead, by email, or by phone at 612.348.3046.