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Redevelopment Master Plan

Redevelopment Master Plan

The Final Draft of the Osseo Redevelopment Master Plan document was officially adopted by the City Council at its March 26, 2007 meeting.

The intent of the Osseo Redevelopment Master Plan was to articulate a future vision for the community that would provide policy makers a framework for the City’s planning and redevelopment efforts. City staff, Hennepin County staff, planning consultants Hoisington Koegler Group, Inc. (HKGi), and Task Force members used several key guiding principles, which were established early on at open houses and task force meetings, to help direct this process. Ultimately, the directions within this plan were incorporated into the City of Osseo’s Comprehensive Plan update in 2008, particularly the Land Use Plan, and will encourage future changes to the City’s Zoning regulations.

The Task Force was made of a broad cross-section of the community, and public input played an important role through out. The nine-month project consisted of three community open houses, many task force meetings, and various City board approval meetings.

A special thank you goes to all Task Force Members, HKGi, Hennepin County, and all the community members who were involved in the Master Plan process. Community members included: Jim Comfort, Jackie Ferrian, Jan Hawkins, Bob Hein, Margo Kleven, Carole Larson, Leanne Peterson, Michael Phenow, Joel Princeton, Kevin Rebman, Meg Schulz, Melanie Larsen Sinouthasy, Pete Sipe, LaRaa Veit, John Hall (City Council), Steve Menth (EDA), and Cynthia Noren (Planning Commission).

For more information regarding the Osseo Redevelopment Master Plan, please contact our Administrative Services staff.

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Osseo Redevelopment Master Plan, Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction: Purpose and Background

Chapter 2: Strategic Assessment

Chapter 3: Future Land Use Plan

Chapter 4: Master Plan

Chapter 5: Implementation and Finance Tools

Chapter 6: Redevelopment Catalyst Projects and Redevelopment Initiatives