Osseo Gateway Sign-Electronic Message Board

The Gateway Sign, an electronic message board at the intersection of County Road 81 and Jefferson Highway in Osseo, is now up and running. Osseo’s businesses and organizations are invited to submit an application for their messages to be displayed on the sign.

Osseo MM June 2017_Gateway Sign

Osseo’s Gateway Sign is located at the intersection of County Road 81 and Jefferson Highway

The City of Osseo Gateway Sign serves to share information with residents of the City as well as the general public. Want to take another look at messages posted to the sign? Visit our album at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10156495766197440&type=1&l=714ce2391c

The Gateway Sign was constructed with funds from both the Hennepin County Business District Initiative and the Osseo EDA. These funds were provided in anticipation of the sign’s positive impact on economic development activity within Osseo. Given the purpose of the Gateway Sign, the City has determined that the following types of messages may be displayed on the Gateway Sign:

  • City messages (e.g., meeting information, city-sponsored events, snow emergencies, etc.);
  • Business and public institution messages if such messages meet the requirements of the Gateway Sign Policy, subject to space availability, application, and approval.

Any organization or event with its principal place of business in Osseo may apply for a message to be displayed on the Gateway Sign. Examples include Osseo businesses, schools, community groups, etc.

The following is a list of messages that are allowed to be displayed on the Gateway Sign. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Messages identifying the name and location of businesses, commercial properties, and public institutions within the City;
  • Events taking place within the City and open to the public, such as concerts, car shows, etc; and
  • Limited-time sales and promotions occurring within the City and open to the public.

Anyone wishing to submit a message to be displayed on the Gateway Sign must fill out an application on a form approved by the City. The deadline to submit an application for display the following Monday is 7:30 a.m the Thursday before. Approved signs will be displayed for approximately seven days per application. The fee is $100 per slide, per week.

Visit http://discoverosseo.com/services/permits-and-licenses/ and scroll down to “Signs” for more information on the Gateway Sign policy and application forms. You can also contact City Hall at 763-425-2624 with questions.

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