A Blog About…City of Osseo Blogs!

Welcome to the City of Osseo Blog! We recently updated our website, which included a host of new features coupled with a better overall user experience. With that, came the opportunity to better communicate with Osseo residents, business owners, and visitors to our city. We’ve recently undertaken a sweeping new social media campaign designed to engage residents and businesses owners on City events, City news, and various other updates. After all, an informed public and a happy public!

From time to time, City of Osseo staff will post blogs on a number of issues. These can range from brief project updates to more in depth City issues. All are designed to get people talking about what is happening in the City of Osseo. The City of Osseo has partnered with Prime Advertising, a local company specializing in communication and marketing, to produce an informative blog site which City staff keep up to date. If you find yourself with more questions after reading a blog post, do not hesitate to contact City staff to talk. We’re ALWAYS open for discussions.

Additionally, if you are on Facebook and/or Twitter, we invite you to Like us and follow us. Facebook and Twitter are just two more easy (and cheap!) ways that┬ámunicipalities can connect and communicate with it’s citizens. Please be sure to Like us on Facebook (facebook.com/pages/discover-osseo) and follow us on Twitter (@CityofOsseo).

Riley Grams, City Planner, City of Osseo

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