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VIRTUAL Planning Commission Meeting

VIRTUAL Planning Commission Meeting


City of Osseo



Rezone parcels identified by the 2040 Comp Plan Update from current classification to Edge Mixed Use District. Pending approval of the EMX District creation (Second Reading at the April 12, Osseo City Council Meeting).



  • The four city blocks surrounding the intersection of Central Avenue and 6th St.
  • The one city block bordered to the north by 4th St NE and to the east by 1st Ave NW.
  • The one city block bordered to the north by Broadway St E and to the east by 2nd Ave SE.
  • The northern portion of one city block bordered to the north by 2nd St SE and to the east by 4th Ave SE.

For a full list of the affected properties and a map highlighted their location, please visit discoverosseo.com/departments/planning-commission/



Monday, April 19, at 6:00 p.m. – Virtual Planning Commission Meeting



1)      You may attend the hearing and state your comments;

2)      You may send a letter before the hearing to the City of Osseo, 415 Central Avenue, Osseo, MN 55369 or fax to 763-425-1111; or

3)      You may send an email to jamerman@ci.osseo.mn.us


If you want your comments to be made part of the public record, your letter, email, or fax must state your first and last name and your address. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



Please contact Community Management Coordinator Joe Amerman at 763-425-1454


You may visit City Hall (415 Central Avenue) during business hours to discuss the proposal, or visit our website after October 17, 2019 at http://www.discoverosseo.com/departments/planning-commission/



Publication Date: The Press (April 8, 2021)