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2019 Street Reconstruction Neighborhood Meeting

2019 Street Reconstruction Neighborhood Meeting

Informational Meeting

2019 Alley Reconstruction

There will be assessments associated with this reconstruction project for adjacent residents and property owners.

The streets proposed for reconstruction include portions of 1st Ave NW and 7th Ave SE. There will be assessments associated with this reconstruction project for adjacent residents.

The project also includes milling and bituminous overlay of 6th St NW, 6th St NE, 5th St NE, 4th St NW, 3rd St NE, and 2nd St NW. There will be no assessments associated with these mill and overlay projects.



Osseo City Engineer Lee Gustafson, WSB & Associates



The informational meeting will be an opportunity for the City to hear thoughts and concerns that you may have regarding this proposed project. The meeting will start with a short presentation followed by small group discussions.

A conceptual project layout will be available to help assist in discussions.


Your input will be used to help prepare the feasibility report for this project.



The full feasibility report is scheduled to be reviewed by the City Council on October 22, 2018. At that time, the City Council will consider approving the feasibility report and authorizing the preparation of final plans and specifications. It is important for the City to know about your concerns early in the process so that changes can be incorporated into project plans. If the City Council decides to move forward with the project, an assessment hearing would be scheduled in the spring of 2019.



Osseo Community Center - 415 Central Avenue  



Thursday, October 11, 2018, at 6:00 p.m.



1)      Attend the meeting to learn about the project and ask questions;

2)      Send a letter before the meeting to the City of Osseo, 415 Central Avenue, Osseo, MN 55369 or fax to 763-425-1111; or

3)      Send an email to lgustafson@wsbeng.com



Please contact City Engineer Lee Gustafson at 763-762-2821 or lgustafson@wsbeng.com


Project Summary

The proposed improvements vary by location. See the legend in the map below to identify what’s being proposed near your property:
• Street Reconstruction

o Replacement of the bituminous street pavement
o Curb replacement where necessary
o Rehabilitation of public utilities as needed
o Sidewalk replacement and installation

• Street Mill & Overlay

o Removal and repaving of the top layer of bituminous pavement

The street reconstruction project (shown in red below) is proposed to be funded in accordance with the City’s special assessment policy. The mill and overlay areas (shown in yellow) will be funded entirely by the city maintenance fund.

Street project location map