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Elections in 2016

Minnesota's Primary Election in 2016 was held on Tuesday, August 9. Absentee balloting began June 24 for the Primary Election.

General Election was held on Tuesday, November 8. Absentee balloting began September 23 for the General Election.
 Please visit the Minnesota Secretary of State website MNVOTES.org for result status. 

Candidates for Osseo City Election - November 8, 2016


Election Results

At the November 8 General Election, Osseo residents voted for Mayor and two City Councilmembers. The official results showed Mayor Duane Poppe was re-elected with 1,151 votes.

The official results for City Council seats showed Mark E. Schulz won re-election with 646 votes. Harold E. Johnson also won re-election with 513 votes. Kathleen Gette received 509 votes. Carrie Kehn received 475 votes. 

Mayor (two-year term) one seat

Duane Poppe, 408 5th Avenue NE, 952-223-6721 
Email dpoppe@ci.osseo.mn.us

City Council (four-year terms) two seats

Mark E. Schulz, 316 4th Street NE, 612-524-8764
Email mschulz@ci.osseo.mn.us

Carrie Kehn, 100 5th Avenue NE, 763-245-9180
Email carriekehn@gmail.com

Harold E. Johnson, 12 6th Street NE #106, 763-424-3707
Email hjohnson@ci.osseo.mn.us

Kathleen Gette, 525 2nd Avenue NW, 612-483-6512
Email kathleengette@gmail.com


Important dates for 2016 State Primary and General Elections

There are three city positions open in the 2016 General Election:
Mayor Two-year term
Council Four-year term
Council Four-year term

Calendar for the upcoming election season:

June 24: 1st day campaign signs can be posted
June 24: Absentee balloting begins for State Primary Election
August 2: Candidate filing for city positions opens at City Hall ($2 filing fee)
August 9: State Primary Election Day (7 a.m. to 8 p.m.)
August 16: Candidate filing for city positions closes 
August 18: Candidates may withdraw (until 5 p.m.)
September 23: Absentee balloting begins for General Election
October 11: League of Women Voters/ Chamber Candidate Forum at Osseo City Hall (6 p.m.)
November 8: State General Election Day (7 a.m. to 8 p.m.)
November 14: Canvass results of city election at City Council meeting
November 15: Last day for candidates to file Campaign Financial Report
January 2, 2017: Term begins for newly elected officials (first Monday in January)

Political Sign Guidelines

With the election season upon us, City staff reminds you to be safe and responsible when posting political signs. Whenever signs are posted, public safety and traffic visibility must be maintained. At the same time, the protection of free speech is important. Several recent changes in state law that address political signs are not yet reflected in Osseo’s City Code. In all instances, state law pre-empts local regulations. This memo presents the most up-to-date guidelines for non-commercial (political) signs in the City of Osseo.

(1) No campaign disclaimer or contact information is required on signs. While Osseo City Code § 153.092(A)(5)(a) states, “Every political sign must contain the name and address of person(s) responsible for the sign, and the person(s) shall be responsible for its removal,” state law supersedes the Osseo City Code and does not require that information be included on political signs. Therefore, any political sign in Osseo does not need the campaign disclaimer or other contact information. This is also applicable to political signs located on commercial property.

(2) Any number of noncommercial (e.g., political) signs may be posted from June 24 – November 18, 2016. While Osseo City Code § 153.092(A)(5)(b) states, “The signs or posters shall remain in place for no longer than 90 days before and ten days after the election for which they are intended, or in the case of general state elections, from the August 1 preceding the election until ten days after the election, unless otherwise provided pursuant to M.S. § 211B.045, as it may be amended from time to time,” state law allows all noncommercial signs of any size in any number to be posted from June 24 through November 18 for this election cycle.

(3) Signs may not be placed on public right-of-way. The diagram depicts where political signs can and cannot be placed on private residential or commercial properties. Political signs are prohibited on public right-of-way. This ensures public safety and prevents public space from being used for the promotion of a political candidate. The following setbacks are required:
(a) Property with adjacent sidewalk. On streets with adjacent sidewalks, no political sign may be placed within two (2) feet of the edge of a sidewalk, nor on any land between the curb and sidewalk on any one frontage.
(b) Property with no adjacent sidewalk. On streets with no adjacent sidewalks, no political sign may be placed within ten (10) feet of the edge of the curb on any one frontage.


(4) Procedures for removing improperly-placed signs. Should any report of an illegally placed political sign be received by the City, City staff will attempt to alert the political candidate or property owner about the complaint and said candidate or property owner will have 24 hours to have the sign moved to an area that is allowable. If the sign is not moved within 24 hours of notice, the City shall confiscate the sign and hold it at City Hall. All confiscated political signs may be picked up from City Hall during normal business hours. If these signs are not picked up by November 18, they will be thrown away.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact City Hall at 763-425-2624.

Door-to-Door Advocacy

The City of Osseo requires Solicitors, Peddlers, and Transient Merchants to register with the Osseo Police Department and, in some cases, purchase a license to operate in the city. These restrictions do not apply to Door-to-Door advocacy, which includes "door-to-door canvassing and pamphleteering as vehicles for [sharing] religious, political and other ideas." Canvassers and candidates are allowed to go door-to-door to contact residents at any time of year, but this is especially common during election season.


Do you still have questions on the voting process or questions related to voting in Osseo? Please contact City Clerk LeAnn Larson by email or by phone at 763.425.4064.




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