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Building Permit

Building Permit


Building Fee Schedule

You can download the City of Osseo residential building/permit Fee Schedule

Wondering if your project is located within the City of Osseo boundaries? Please review the map at the bottom of the About Osseo pagedouble-check the address through Hennepin County's Property Information Searchor contact City Hall at 763-425-2624 to verify before submitting an application.

Fee amounts for commercial projects are developed by our Building Inspector, Metro West Inspections, Inc. and are based on the valuation of the projectALL commercial permits are subject to review by the Building Inspector. MANY commercial building permits will also require a Sewer Availability Charge (SAC) Determination from the Metropolitan Council (see the linked memo for more information).

The City of Osseo contracts with Metro West Inspection Services for all building, mechanical, and plumbing plan review and pre-and-post inspections. If you have code related questions, please contact Metro West by email or by phone at 763.479.1720.

You may download a copy of the Osseo Building Permit and a copy of the Building Permit Requirements from the City's website. Please note: This permit application is used for all Osseo building and zoning permits (both residential and commercial) with the exception of electrical permits (which can be found further down on this page). Prior to processing, many commercial building permits for construction or remodeling will also require a Sewer Availiabiilty Charge (SAC) Determination from the Metropolitan Council (see the linked memo for more information).

We accept credit card payments from contrators or residents who pull building permits that are less than $1000. Please download the Osseo Credit Card Payment Form to send with your permit application. If you prefer to pay over the phone, note that on the application (with your contact information) on the permit application.


We are happy to process permits via the mail provided a self-addressed, postage paid envelope is included. Please City Hall at 763.425.2624 if you have any further questions.

Osseo Building Permits

When is a Building Permit Required?
A building permit is required when:

  • Building or remodeling a house
  • Re-roofing and/or re-siding
  • Putting up a shed (accessory structure)
  • Installing a fireplace, wood stove, or chimney
  • Finishing your basement
  • Adding a garage or addition
  • Replacing windows
  • Changing or installing heating or air conditioning
  • Installing plumbing
  • Constructing a retaining wall over four feet in height
  • Constructing a swimming pool
  • Putting up a deck or porch
  • Putting up a fence
  • Doing electrical work (electrical permits are through the State)
  • All commercial work
  • Replacing water softeners or water heaters

When is a Building Permit Not Required?
A building permit is not required for:
  • Movable cases, counters, and partitions not over 5 feet 9 inches high
  • Painting, wallpapering, or paneling
  • Temporary stage sets and scenery
  • Soffit, fascia and trim
  • Installing carpeting and other flooring
  • Prefabricated above ground swimming pools of a capacity of 5,000 gallons or less
  • Redecorating without structural change
  • Replacing cabinets in kitchen or elsewhere 

Doing the Work Yourself
Detailed plans of what you are proposing to construct are required. If your proposed work does not meet code, if it easier to change it on paper than once you have built it. Never dig on your property without first having Gopher State One Call locate the underground utilities (call 651.454.0002). This is a free service that may save your life. 

Residential Improvements
If you are planning improvements to your property and do not want to do the work yourself, here are some suggestions to help you select a contractor:
  1. Make sure the contractor has a state license for residential construction
  2. Check references; make sure they are valid
  3. Check with the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry to see if any complaints have been registered
  4. Check to make sure qualifications and expertise match your needs
  5. Find out how long the contractor has been in business in this area 

Getting a Building Permit

Most home improvements require building permits. The purpose of the permit is to ensure that the building project meets certain minimum safety and aesthetic requirements. The fees charged for building permits are used to cover the cost of checking work for compliance with the state and city building codes.

Do not take out the building permit for the contractor. By signing the permit, the contractor is guaranteeing to do the work according to code. If you sign the permit, you are liable for all work corrections if it should fall short of standards. Do make sure that your contractor has a permit, and calls for inspections. An inspection card is issued and should be displayed near the work area. When an inspection is complete, the inspector will sign the card. When the final inspection passes, the inspector's signatures are your assurance that the work has been done properly. You should pay for the work only after it has passed final inspection.


Electrical Permits

Electrical permits are now issued by the City of Osseo and do NOT go through the State, effective July 18, 2011. Here is the permit application form for Contractors. Here is the permit form for Homeowners.

For electrical inspections please call Peter Tokle, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m., at 763.754.2983.

Contractor Licensing

Osseo does not require Contractor Licensing prior to the permit process.



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