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City-Wide Garage Sale

City-Wide Garage Sale


Osseo City-wide Garage Sale Weekend

Osseo's City-wide Garage Sale weekend! Maps will be available on the afternoon of May 9th at City Hall during business hours and at Dean's Supermarket, 312 Central Ave.

Click here to print a map of Osseo City-Wide Garage Sale Locations (available May 9).

It's held at the same time as the Intermarque.org Annual Vintage Car Show, taking place along Central Avenue, and also Crafts in the Park at Boerboom Park. 


  • Signs need to be placed on property in which the property owner has given permission. They can be placed on City right-of-way, as long as they don't interfere with traffic or work crews. Please, DO NOT PLACE SIGNS IN THE LANDSCAPE BEDS ON CENTRAL AVENUE, as this can damage the expensive underground irrigation and fertilizer lines that keep Osseo's landscaping in tip-top condition.
  • No sign can be attached to trees, fences, utility poles, or other permanent supports.
  • Remove signs as soon as sale is over.



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