SCORE! Osseo City-Wide Garage Sale Coming Soon

With spring finally making its arrival, the garage sale season is in full swing. The upcoming Osseo City-Wide Garage Sale (June 6-8) will be paradise for buyers and sellers alike!

Spring cleaning typically leads to a large pile of stuff you wouldn’t mind getting rid of. Sowhy not sell the items and help pad your wallet this spring? Garage sales are integral to the American landscape. City-wide garage sales help the community build pride and character. They also give everyone a chance to earn some extra cash for their unwanted items. Have you cleaned out your garage or attic recently? Do you have a bunch of items you think someone would love to get their hands on? Put a sale sticker on them and watch the potential buyers line up!

If you plan on having a garage sale this year, you can register your sale at Main Street Pharmacy before June 2 to get your place on the sale map. Maps will then be available at Main Street Pharmacy starting June 6 (the first day of the city-wide garage sale event).

After the garage sale is over, the Salvation Army has volunteered to pick up any unwanted and unsold items from your driveway. Simply call the Salvation Army at 612-332-5855 (by June 2) and tell the operator you are part of the Osseo City-Wide Garage Sale Event and give your address. Leave all unsold and unwanted items in boxes (with Salvation Army clearly written). You can also request a receipt which you can use for your income tax deduction.

So come on out, enjoy the summer weather, walk around town, and check out all of the garage sales around town. You never know what treasures you can find!


Riley Grams, City Planner, City of Osseo


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Mark Your Calendars: Osseo Vintage Car Show Set For May 11

On the heels of the wildly popular car show held in downtown Osseo last year, InterMarque Vintage Foreign Motorcars is back for 2013! On May 11, nearly 40 local car clubs will flood the downtown Osseo area to show off their vintage and exotic foreign cars. InterMarque is an association of 40 vintage foreign car clubs in the Upper Midwest, most of which are located in the Twin Cities area.

This event is InterMarque’s Spring Kickoff, opening the car club touring season. The show is limited to vehicles that qualify for the classic status under Minnesota Law, which is any vehicle that is twenty years old or more. This year, we’ll be adding a Modern Classics area as well. The event was a huge success last year, and City officials hope to build on that success this year.

Some of the makes you’ll be able to check out include Austin-Healey, BMW, Citroen, Jaguar, Lotus, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Triumph, and many more. In addition to the car show, this year we will host a Craft & Vendor Fair in Boerboom Park with more than 30 local vendors. The Craft & Vendor Fair offers a mix of crafters, artisans, and much more. Be sure to stop by the Park to check out the various fashion trends, jewelry, accessories, craft supplies, high quality vendors from around the Twin Cities area and more! The North Hennepin Area Chamber of Commerce will also host a Business Expo located in 5th Street NE, featuring local businesses providing information on their services and products.

This is a FREE event for Osseo residents and visitors and Central Avenue will be closed from 1st Street to 6th Street. The event begins at 11:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM. Residents and visitors are asked to bring a non-perishable food item to donate to local food shelves. You can drop off food donation items at the corner of 5th Street NW and Central Avenue (right next to the event registration tent). City officials also urge residents and visitors to take the opportunity to visit and shop at our great local businesses.

Come rain or shine! We hope to see many of you in downtown Osseo this Saturday, May 11!


Riley Grams, City Planner, City of Osseo

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Get In Shape With Step To It Challenge

Are you looking to get in shape for the upcoming summer season? Well, the Step To It Challenge for 2013 is here to help! Starting Wednesday, May 1 you can join the Step To It Challenge and help yourself lose some of that extra winter weight.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Challenge. The Step To It Challenge is a friendly, physical activity challenge which began in 2009 with five Hennepin County community partners. Since then this fun, lighthearted campaign has expanded to 23 individual communities and the varied work sites they encompass. Along with creating camaraderie and spirit, it’s a great opportunity for people of all ages to get moving after a LONG winter season.

How does it work? Register at, and from May 1 through May 28 you track your physical activity by recording your steps online. Log your physical activity daily or weekly on your Step To It account. All steps will be counter in your community’s step totals in the competition for the Most Active Community Award. The community with the residents who have the highest total number of steps accumulated throughout the challenge win the award, along with the community with the residents who have the highest average number of steps per participant. Additionally, participants can win work site awards as well as individual awards. Prizes include Minnesota Twins tickets.

All forms of exercise count. Step To It offers a handy chart which equates different physical activities into a corresponding number of steps. If you mow the lawn for 15 minutes, that is 3,630 steps. If you play softball for 15 minutes, that is 2,280 steps.

You can get more of your questions answered at the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Step To It website. For more information, you can email the Hennepin County Public Health Promotion Department, or call 612-348-5618.

Let’s get the City of Osseo moving towards a healthier 2013!!!


Riley Grams, City Planner, City of Osseo

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New City of Osseo Mapping System Coming Online

Recently, the City of Osseo engineering consultant, Bolton & Menk, has delivered a powerful and new Geographic Information System (GIS) to City staff. GIS is a computer based modeling system which lets its users visualize, question, analyze, interpret, and understand data to reveal relationships, patterns and trends. GIS benefits organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry. There is a growing awareness of the economic and strategic value of GIS. GIS allows users to increase efficiency which then improves cost savings, make better decisions, improve communication between departments and the public, improve record keeping, and manage geographic information.

In a short answer, GIS is a sophisticated mapping tool that planners and public works employees use to gain up-to-date information on parcels throughout the community. All mapping is maintained in the ESRI ArcGIS mapping environment. This application utilizes ArcServer technology to deliver GIS quality maps. The Osseo Web GIS viewer allows City staff to have access to the ArcGIS based mapping from an Internet Browser that supports Microsoft Silverlight. The application also leverages several powerful GIS tools for analysis and map creation.

What does this all mean for City staff? “The new GIS system will provide a clearer picture of our City, showing us what current conditions are on each piece of property within the City,” said Osseo City Planner Riley Grams.  “It will also allow staff to access pertinent parcel information much quicker and more accurately.”

Bolton & Menk has spent a significant amount of time taking inventory of parcels here in Osseo. By inserting all of the data in the GIS system, users can turn on/off different map layers to show such things as sewer/water/drainage connections, elevation changes, street and alley information, and parcel data. Staff can also create visual maps for reports and memos more easily.


Riley Grams, City Planner, City of Osseo

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