Get In Shape With Step To It Challenge

Are you looking to get in shape for the upcoming summer season? Well, the Step To It Challenge for 2013 is here to help! Starting Wednesday, May 1 you can join the Step To It Challenge and help yourself lose some of that extra winter weight.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Challenge. The Step To It Challenge is a friendly, physical activity challenge which began in 2009 with five Hennepin County community partners. Since then this fun, lighthearted campaign has expanded to 23 individual communities and the varied work sites they encompass. Along with creating camaraderie and spirit, it’s a great opportunity for people of all ages to get moving after a LONG winter season.

How does it work? Register at, and from May 1 through May 28 you track your physical activity by recording your steps online. Log your physical activity daily or weekly on your Step To It account. All steps will be counter in your community’s step totals in the competition for the Most Active Community Award. The community with the residents who have the highest total number of steps accumulated throughout the challenge win the award, along with the community with the residents who have the highest average number of steps per participant. Additionally, participants can win work site awards as well as individual awards. Prizes include Minnesota Twins tickets.

All forms of exercise count. Step To It offers a handy chart which equates different physical activities into a corresponding number of steps. If you mow the lawn for 15 minutes, that is 3,630 steps. If you play softball for 15 minutes, that is 2,280 steps.

You can get more of your questions answered at the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Step To It website. For more information, you can email the Hennepin County Public Health Promotion Department, or call 612-348-5618.

Let’s get the City of Osseo moving towards a healthier 2013!!!


Riley Grams, City Planner, City of Osseo

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